1.  Payment Policy
 2.  Appointment and Cancellation Policy
 3.  Prescription Refill Policy
 4.  Current Privacy Policies and Practices
 5.  Good Faith Estimate Anchorage Municipal Code 16.130.010
1. Payment Policy
Payment is due at the time of the service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Please contact our office if you need additional information.

As a courtesy our office submits the claims to your insurance. However it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to pay all charges incurred regardless of insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance if payment has not been processed within 30 days. We reserve the right to charge interest at rate of 1.5% per month on delinquent accounts. Please bring insurance information at the time of your appointment. It is your responsibility to update your insurance and personal information during your visit for timely filing of your claims.

For your convenience Visa, MasterCard and personal checks are accepted.

2. Appointment and Cancellation Policy
When scheduling appointments we ask that you call well in advance. We will make arrangements for emergency appointments on an as needed basis. We require at least 48 hour notice to cancel appointments to avoid cancellation fee.

After hours emergencies are handled in the Emergency Room.

If you need to cancel an appointment we ask you to contact our office at least two working days in advance. For your safety, our office staff is unable to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment over the telephone. Similarly, for your safety the after hours Nurse Triage or the on-call doctor cannot provide diagnosis and treatment without an evaluation.

3. Prescription Refill Policy
Prescriptions can be refilled during office hours only.

We ask that you call your pharmacy first as there may be additional refills on file. If there are no refills remaining, please ask your pharmacist to contact our office via fax and your request will be processed. Please allow at least 72 hours to process your refill request.

Prescriptions for mail order pharmacies should be requested several weeks in advance. You should complete your mail-in prescription form on line with your preferred pharmacy and provide us with a copy of the completed form with insurance ID number and your mailing address.

Prescriptions for controlled substance require a written prescription hand carried to the pharmacy. Controlled substance refill requests may require an appointment with the doctor.

However on occasions for your safety, you may be required to make an appointment to see the doctor before refills can be authorized. For your safety, the on call doctor or the triage nurse cannot refill your prescriptions after hours.

For your convenience, a prescription refill request from under "FORMS" can be completed and faxed to our office.

4. Current Privacy Policies and Practices


Notice of Privacy Information Practices (PDF format)

5. Good Faith Estimate Anchorage Municipal Code 16.130.010


Click here to see Good Faith Estimate Anchorage Municipal Code 16.130.010


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